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According to the latest Statista study, smartphone network subscription is forecast to reach 7.8 billion by 2028. With so many people actively using their mobile phones daily, it is evident that they use several mobile applications to perform their daily tasks like reading or watching the news, buying groceries, connecting with friends and family, and tracking their finances.

But how do you ensure they use your app to avail of one of the services? The simple answer is to conduct mobile app testing. With thorough mobile app testing, you can deliver mobile apps that are free of bugs to your customers with confidence. 

But manually testing your mobile applications can be tough. It can be time-consuming and complex to test on different OS and devices with various resolutions and screen sizes. This is where automating mobile app testing can ease your efforts.

By using some of the top tools in the industry, you can achieve the desired results, as you will be able to fix bugs before the app is released. In this blog, we will examine in detail the five best mobile test automation tools and frameworks you must check out. 

Top 5 Mobile Test Automation Tools and Frameworks in 2023

As you know, the quality and functionality of your mobile applications are crucial to ensure that users have a good overall experience; it is equally important to employ effective and reliable mobile test automation tools to ensure flawless testing. Here are the top five mobile test automation tools in 2023 that you should check out:

  1. TestGrid

TestGrid is one of the top platforms enterprises prefer for mobile app testing. You can conduct manual and automated mobile app testing on hundreds of real iOS and Android devices. As a result, it is possible to test your apps on real-world conditions like battery life, lighting conditions, and network strength to release apps faster in the market.


  • AI-based no-code automation
  • Uses AI to auto-heal code to avoid any authoring issue
  • Write perfect test cases
  • Provides features like zoom, swipe, and scroll
  • Scale up or down hassle-free based on the requirement
  • Allows reusability of test cases on multiple platforms
  • Offers both on-cloud and on-premise infrastructure
  • Enables faster test case execution with parallel testing
  • Auto generates SAST reports on every build execution
  • Supports programming languages like Java, Python, C#, Ruby
  • Seamless integration with CI/CD tools like JIRA, Jenkins, TestRail, and more
  • Test easily by uploading APK/IPA files or installing apps directly from App Store


  • TestGrid provides 200 minutes and one parallel test per month for free. 
  • The public cloud plan costs $49 per month. 
  • The private cloud plan starts at $23 per month.
  • Contact their sales for Enterprise and On-prem solutions.
  1. Kobiton

Kobiton is another mobile test automation tool that is straightforward to use and provides access to real devices for manual and automated testing. This tool offers a wide range of real devices with different specifications, OS, versions, configurations, and screen sizes. 


  • Supports both automation and manual testing
  • Provides live testing feature for mobile apps
  • Offers multiple frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin, and Flutter
  • Increases collaboration among teams with centralized testing history
  • Supports programming languages Ruby, C#, Python, Java, and more
  • Compatible with JIRA, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Travis CI, TeamCity
  • Offers real device testing, cross-browser testing, and record-and-replay feature


  • Start-up plan with 500 minutes per month at $75 p.m.
  • Accelerate plan with 3000 minutes per month at $390 p.m.
  • Offers Scale Plan with 7500 minutes per month on an annual basis.
  • Details about Enterprise can be availed by contacting them.
  1. testRigor

testRigor is an AI-powered mobile test automation framework that has gained popularity as it supplies QA teams with detailed analytics on test cases and highlights areas of improvement. With this tool, team members, including testers and developers, can interact with each other and work on the project together.


  • Writes test cases in simple English
  • Provides access to unlimited users and tests
  • Provides Email and SMS testing
  • Offers mocking of API calls
  • Data-driven testing with dataset support
  • Allows testing of Chrome extensions
  • Integrates with Zephyr, TestRail, XRay, CircleCI, and more
  • Supports Audio Testing and Security Testing also
  • Ability to upload files in different ways


  • Public open source plan is available for unlimited test cases.
  • Private plan is available at $900 per month.
  • For enterprise, they offer custom pricing.

ACCELQ Mobile is another leading mobile test automation tool that enables manual testers to automate without knowing how to program. It has a robust and sustainable automation that is significantly low on maintenance. Thus, you can seamlessly test your iOS and Android devices on the cloud.


  • Powerful mobile element identification technology
  • Unified approach with central object repository for Android and iOS
  • Enhanced reliability with a self-healing element
  • Handles real-world complexities effectively
  • Provides cross-browser testing on cloud and on-premise
  • Supports parallel execution to speed up testing
  • Allows you to schedule test runs
  • Seamlessly integrates with CI/CD tools


  • You can get a free trial for Automate Mobile plan.
  • For enterprise plans, contact their team.
  1. Katalon Platform

Katalon is a mobile test automation framework designed to automate mobile app testing. As it is built on top of Appium and Selenium, the tool reduces their learning curve and allows testers to scale their testing efforts by providing a full set of tools for test creation, execution, and reporting.


  • Provides prebuilt keywords to start automation testing
  • Supports the latest mobile devices
  • Effectively detects and stores UI elements
  • Increases efficiency with reusable test objects
  • Integrates with mobile platforms like Sauce Labs and LambdaTest
  • Provides advanced record and playback feature
  • Allows test execution remotely and locally on real devices, simulators, and cloud-based devices.


  • You can start with a free plan for basic test automation.
  • The premium plan starts at $167 per month for advanced test execution.
  • The ultimate plan for enterprises has custom pricing.


Today, you can find many mobile test automation tools and frameworks in the market that can speed testing and help you deliver flawless applications to customers. However, each tool has features and pricing models that can differ vastly. It is why it becomes essential to thoroughly analyze each tool and choose the one that serves your project goals the maximum. 

Among all the mobile test automation tools mentioned above, TestGrid stands out the most for mobile app testing. With this platform, you can test your mobile app on the cloud, on-premise and even in hybrid mode. 

With TestGrid, you can run automated tests within minutes. This will reduce your testing time and help you deliver outstanding software to the market. So, if you are interested in trying TestGrid, sign up for their demo today and release apps without glitches.

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