holiday resorts near Mumbai

holiday resorts near Mumbai

Summer is almost here, and it is time to meet your favourite counsellors and friends at the summer camps. Summer camps are an excellent opportunity for kids to make new friends, learn new skills, and utilize the holidays in a fun, safe place.

Many holiday resorts near Mumbai provide the best amenities for the camp organizers to plan engaging activities for the kids and make the summer camp successful. But the challenge is for the camp organizers to think of innovative activities that help kids learn new skills while having lots of fun and entertainment.

If you are also looking for engaging activities for your summer camp, you are in the right place. In this post, we have listed fun activities to include in your summer camp for kids that will keep them busy for hours.

1.   Cardboard Box Car Races

In this fun activity, you can provide cardboard to the kids and ask them to make their cars from it. You can also supply tape, construction paper, and other stuff that helps them turn their cardboard boxes into race cars. Assign staff members to help them arrange things and make them more engaging.

2.   Scavenger Hunt

It is an easy and fun activity that is popular among all age groups. You can plan an outdoor scavenger hunt at the holiday resort and ask the kids to look for things in nature. Then, add different clues to help the kids find the final object.

3.   Talent Show

Summer camps for kids provide the best opportunity to unleash the inner adventurer in your child. Every kid is unique and has something special. To bring that outside, organize a talent show and ask kids to prepare an act following their interests. Give the kids a spotlight moment, where they will showcase their talent in front of all the campers and gain confidence. If possible, supply props and custom materials to the kids to make their act more exciting.

4.   Water Balloon Dodgeball

Water games are the best ones to play in hot summers. These are full of fun and keep the kids busy and cool. The best part is that you can effortlessly inflate water balloons, thanks to the pipes available on the market. Place a bucket below the balloons and use several inflated balloons to fill the water within seconds. Once they fill up, they automatically fall into the bucket. Now begin a simple dodgeball game using those balloons and have a blast with other campers.

5.   Cooking Class

You can organize cooking classes at your summer camp for kids who love cooking and baking. This will inspire the inner chef in the kids and give them the opportunity to learn under the guidance of experts. Teach them easy and healthy recipes and explain the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet.


In conclusion, top holiday resorts near Mumbai, like Empower Activity Camps, provide the best amenities to organize safe and fun-filled summer camps for kids. The kids can learn various skills from the games and activities, make new friends, and unleash their talent.

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