pest control services

pest control services

Mosquitoes and ticks are blood suckers and can present unique health risks for people. This makes it important to understand the basics of mosquito and tick control. Also, as a homeowner, you should know when to contact a pest control company for help. You can find a good company when you visit This company has pest control experts who can educate you about the health risks associated with these pests, how to prevent them from invading your home, and how to eliminate them for good. 

Mosquito and Tick Habits

By understanding how mosquitoes and ticks behave and operate, you can avoid them and minimize the risk of getting bites. Both pests have clever means to find hosts they can feed on. Did you know that these creatures do not depend on their eyes to find their targets?

Mosquitoes and ticks rely on your blood for survival. They respond to your body odor and sweat. Such processes produce chemicals that signal to these insects that you are just nearby. They hone in on such signals and look for exposed skin they can attach to or bite. Although you can try to mask such signals, you cannot stop the underlying processes. Thus, it is best to concentrate on keeping these pests away from your house completely. 

Health Risks Associated with Mosquitoes and Ticks

Mosquitoes and ticks carry serious or life-threatening diseases. You must know why they can spread diseases. This has to do with their direct interaction with your bloodstream and the need to find multiple hosts. A female mosquito needs blood nutrients while a tick needs a host to develop through different life stages. Both pests carry germs and pathogens that can develop into certain diseases when introduced to your bloodstream. Again, you can prevent such issues by ensuring you do not have mosquitoes or ticks nearby.  

Repelling Mosquitoes and Ticks

To deter both kinds of pests, you can take some steps. This includes eliminating stagnant water sources around your house, planting flowers and herbs that deter mosquitos like marigolds, basil, peppermint, and rosemary, as well as keeping the law trimmed and tending to shrubs and hedges. In addition, you can avoid these pests by raking and getting rid of fallen leaves in autumn. When you spend time outside, consider wearing jackets or long-sleeved shirts, so you do not expose much of your skin. Also, wood piles must be placed away from your house. Ensure the wood is dry to make them less attractive to many types of pests, including ticks. Depriving mosquitoes and ticks of their desired habitat around your house will discourage them from staying nearby. 

To keep these pests away for good, hire a pest control service. A pest control professional has the expertise to deal with different kinds of pests effectively. Also, they possess the right equipment to address an infestation, regardless of its severity. You can be sure that they will do their job as safely and efficiently as possible. So, if you do not want to deal with either mosquitoes or ticks again, trust the professionals.

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