Hero Fincorp's unlisted shares, IPO unlisted stocks

Hero Fincorp's unlisted shares, IPO unlisted stocks

You have come to the right place to understand the vast potential of HFCL or Hero Fincorp shares in the grey market. HFCL, an associate firm of the largest two-wheeler maker, Hero Motocorp, in India, with a market capitalisation of over 900 billion rupees, is a hidden treasure. With Hero Motorcorp trading at around Rs. 4,500 in the stock exchanges, unlisted HFCL trades at around Rs. 1,600. In the last two months, from December to February, it has risen Rs. 400 from Rs. 1,200 to 1,400 in the grey market. This is not only because the stock markets in India trade at all-time highs but also because of its enormous potential to rise further rapidly. 

So, continue reading this blog until the end to ride on the tide of Hero Fincorp’s unlisted shares in the grey market and make windfall profits if it comes out with an IPO or initial public offering. 

What is the potential of Hero Fincorp’s unlisted shares?

In India, there is a rapid rise among investors in buying potential unlisted shares from reputed brokers as the system is becoming safe and straightforward. One of the hidden gems among the many is Hero Fincorp’s unlisted share, as it is performing healthy year to year continuously. HFCL is an NBFC or non-bank financial company that provides lending services to new & used vehicles, inventory funding, business, and many other loans. All its vital economic parameters have risen in recent years to almost double from its year low of Rs. 850 to trade now at Rs. 1,600. The following are a few indicators of its potential to buy HFCL now to make a short and long-term killing.  

  • HFCL is to come out with the IPO as soon as it completes its funding requirements of Rs. 2,000 crores to buy a 100% stake in Reliance General Insurance for expanding into personal insurance
  • The revenue from the lending business grew from Rs. 16,945 million in 2018 to a whopping Rs. 64,476 million in 2023
  • The net profit of HFCL during the same period has jumped almost four times from Rs. 1,430 to 4,800 million.
  • HFCL EPS or earnings per share more than doubled from 15 to 37 from 2018 to 2023, along with the rise in the book value and others


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