chelated micronutrient fertilizers

chelated micronutrient fertilizers

Have you ever wondered why some plants flourish while others struggle to grow? One significant factor influencing plant health is the availability of essential nutrients. While macronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are commonly discussed, micronutrients are equally vital for plant growth.

Nowadays, people are choosing the chelated micronutrients for their plants to make them grow better and be healthy. But what are these chelated fertilizers? What are the benefits of it?

Chelated micronutrients are essential minerals with organic coating. This process helps protect the nutrients from interacting with other elements in the soil, making them more readily available for plants.

Benefits of Using Chelated Micronutrients in Agriculture?

#1 – Improved Nutritional Absorption

One of the most significant benefits of chelated micronutrient fertilizers is the improved nutrient uptake by plants. Chelated nutrients are more soluble in water, which means they can be more easily absorbed by plant roots. This increased solubility ensures that plants get a consistent supply of necessary nutrients.

As these fertilizers are coated with special materials, they don’t mix or react with the soil or other ingredients. This helps the plants to directly absorb the same and grow better.

#2 – Improved Plant Growth

Using chelated micronutrient fertilizers is beneficial for plants to have better growth. Micronutrients such as zinc, copper, manganese, and iron are essential for various functions in plants.

For example, zinc is crucial for enzyme function in plants. Manganese is essential for photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism. By supplying these micronutrients in a chelated form, plants can maintain optimal levels of nutrition, and that results in improved growth and better yield.

#3 – Soil Compatibility

Chelated micronutrient fertilizers are versatile and can be used in different soil types. Whether the soil is acidic, alkaline, or has a high content of organic matter, chelated nutrients are available for plant uptake. These fertilizers are coated with special ingredients that don’t let these micronutrients react with the soil and degrade. The reaction also helps farmers maintain the soil quality.

#4 – Environmental Benefits

Chelated micronutrients have a more positive impact on the environment than regular chemical fertilizers. However, as chemical fertilizers react with the soil, degrade the soil quality, wash off nutrients, and even contaminate nearby water sources, they are not recommended for long-term use.

However, as chelated micronutrient fertilizers have no such issues, farmers and gardeners can use them in moderate quantities and reduce their environmental impact.

Final Words

Chelated micronutrient fertilizers offer numerous benefits for plant growth and health. They improve nutrient uptake, enhance plant growth, prevent nutritional deficiencies, and are compatible with various soil types. It’s important to incorporate chelated fertilizers from ACI Industrial Organic in your farm or backyard for better growth of the plants.

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