Maharashtrian bridal jewellery, mangalsutra design, traditional gold earrings

Maharashtrian bridal jewellery, mangalsutra design, traditional gold earrings

In India, we cherish the beauty of our culture and tradition, and jewellery plays a crucial role. Gold jewellery is always a part of a fashion statement for every woman. But there is a necklace that defines the sacred bond between husband and wife, and it is a gold mangalsutra. Yes, among various gold ornament designs, the mangalsutra always holds a special place for every married woman.

Let us know why it is called a sacred necklace and why it is so special for every married woman.

Traditional Significance Of Gold Mangalsutra

In Indian tradition, Mangalsutra signifies a never-ending bond between the husband and a wife, as it says, “Until death do us part.” The groom ties this around the neck of the bride during their wedding ceremonies in front of family members while the priest chants mantras. Hence, this sacred thread symbolizes marriage.

During the wedding ceremony, the bride gets various gold ornament designs as a gift from her parents and in-laws, but the mangalsutra is a precious gift given to her by her husband. Like other regions of India, it is the most valuable Maharashtrian traditional jewellery for a Marathi bride, which she cherishes her entire lifetime.   

Each region of India has its own mangalsutra style, just as there are variations in gold ornament designs. The most common one is with the black and golden beads with a pendant in between. Why are there only beads in black? Many Indian regions hold the belief that the gold in the mangalsutra represents Goddess Parvati and the black bead represents Lord Shiva. This simple-looking gold ornament design symbolizes the powerful bond between Lord Shiva and his wife, the bride, Goddess Parvati.

Furthermore, the combination of black and gold beads also represents different forms of energy. It protects both the bride and groom from all kinds of negative energies and evil eyes. These beads have the power of all four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. These four elements protect the couple and strengthen their relationship.

Understand The Benefits Of Wearing Gold Mangalsutra Everyday

Mangalsutra has divine powers, and you can feel it when you wear it daily. Wearing a gold mangalsutra every day protects the woman’s relationship and husband from all kinds of negative energies. But the best part is that it offers various health benefits as well. Let us learn about the wonderful health benefits offered by gold mangalsutra.

  • It is believed that gold has natural healing properties that keep your heart healthy. The mangalsutra worn close to the heart attracts surrounding cosmic waves and improves heart functioning.
  • It also helps regulate the blood pressure in a woman’s body.
  • The black beads keep the negative energy away, attract more positivity, and keep the woman positive and happy.
  • It also helps develop an immune system by regulating blood circulation, which keeps the woman active the whole day.


In Indian culture, no jewellery can change the importance of the gold mangalsutra. Purchase this special gold ornament design from top jewelers, such as Waman Hari Pethe Sons, and get the latest in all Maharashtrian traditional jewellery designs to experience the legacy of trust and tradition.

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