Polymatech unlisted shares

Polymatech unlisted shares

You are in the right place to know why PEPL is coming out with an IPO by the end of 2024, raising the Polymatech unlisted shares. The significant reason for both is the rising demand for semiconductors worldwide, as it is the foundation of making many devices, including laptops and smartphones. And experts expect the global semiconductor market value to increase from 681 to over 2,000 billion dollars from 2024 to 2032.  Hence, being the leading semiconductor producer in India, Polymatech’s share price is continuously rising in the grey market. So, the management has decided to come out with an IPO or initial public offering by the end of 2024. 

So, you need to know why Polymatech is launching an IPO for Rs. 1,500 crores: to invest in the best-unlisted shares and reap windfall profits. 

Five reasons for Polymatech to come out with an IPO of Rs. 1500 by the end of 2024

Many people need to learn the importance of semiconductors, without which they cannot have not only smartphones or laptops and other devices but also the backbone for making switches, routers and many communication infrastructures essential for internet networking and other global connectivity. Semiconductors are tiny dinky chips made of silicon, germanium, and others that are critical for not only making essential devices but also for making pacemakers and others in the healthcare sector. Hence, Polymatech is planning to increase its semiconductor manufacturing units from 2 to 20 billion units by spending over 5 billion dollars by 2027.  So, funding is required to come out with an IPO to raise the Polymatech share price.  The following are the few reasons Polymatech shares should be listed in exchanges to increase their price rapidly. 

  1. To increase the revenue rapidly from its already steep rise of almost doubling from FY 2023 to FY 2024 from Rs. 650 to Rs. 1,200 crores 
  2. Increasing the manufacturing capacity from 2 billion to 20 billion units to reduce India’s dependency on other countries for semiconductors also raises the Indian economy.
  3. PEPL, being a subsidiary of 75 years Polymatech of Japan, acquired by BITS alums in 2018, is tying up with Orbay also of Japan to acquire Sapphire ingot growing tech
  4. For getting the central government subsidiaries that amount to 10 billion dollars for helping semiconductor chip manufacturing initiatives in India
  5. To become market leaders in semiconductor production not only in India but also worldwide using advanced technologies and techniques

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